Tuesday, 24 April 2007

The Odd, The Scary, The Cute and The Fine

The Odd...

Either A Rabbit or a kangaroo had 'relations' with a Rat

A bear and an Aardvark??
Amazon Horned Frog
Some other animal with a really big head had 'relations' with a frog??

so a Camel might have
got together with a horse?
Mountain Goat
So a a sheep got a bit too friendly with a goat?

Red Uakari

Very odd!! almost looks like the head doesn't belong to the body or the skin was pulled off its face?? I really can't think of what two animals would have got togther to create this..

Spider Monkey
lol.. more like 'crazed monkey'
Wolverine ( i have only ever heard of one Wolverine ) and he's HOT!

If you have any better ideas on combos please share!!

The Scary (Will never be keen on these lot!!)
(i saw a 'normal' spider yesterday and i am still recovering so if i saw one of these two?? no comment)
Spiders (the Black widow spider,

and the Egyptian Giant Solpugid)
Frilled Lizard

as for Cockroaches ( i was going to put up pictures but even the pics were scaring me)- These lot are potential causes of a nervous breakdown..

The Cute

Arctic Hare (he's been overindulging)

Jack Rabbit
Common Wombat

Manatee (chubby dolphin)
Mouse Lemur

The Fine (superiority complex? Yes. but can you blame them??)


Some animals will bite 'off' the hand that feeds them!!?? Click to see what happened


Mona said...

ok no u hav seriously distorted this page...holler and ill help u fix it lol

meanwhile this post is extremely weird missy - what that ....wat is my own with aardvark

i knew we shdnt have let u blog!

Gold Mine said...

@ Mona
do i ever do normal???..exactly.. and for using the word 'extremely'...well.. let's just say i am seeing similarties btw u and the Amazon Horned Frog..lol...ha ha...thanks for the repair job..

Nanya said...

My luv, Im grossed out..couldnt even read the blog.lol-I know Im a wuss. Blog more but no gross things pleass.

Gold Mine said...

as a result of your wrong choice of words.. i would say you are looking quite similar to the llama..hehe..

Mona said...

not funny I get the Amazon pun you AMAZON-ARCTIC MONKEY hehe

Rositaa said...

Hi!! I like this blog entry is very nice to my animals I love animals.